ACE Carbon Calculator

Tadpole Annual Carbon Emissions (ACE) Calculator

This free downloadable Excel based tool can be used to calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions arising from your household or business activities.

Once you have measured your carbon emissions you can put in place initiatives to actively reduce them. You may also wish to offset some or all of the emissions that you are unable to reduce.

The calculations in the Tadpole ACE Calculator use emission factors specific to New Zealand.

The ACE Calculator is a good option if you are just starting your carbon journey, or if you want to use your carbon footprint for internal purposes. It supports the measurement of fuel related Scope 1 and 2 emissions, refrigerant gas fugitive emissions and common Scope 3 emissions such as business travel, waste and working from home.

If you require an ISO compliant carbon measurement and need to disclose your carbon footprint to stakeholders, please contact us for guidance. The Tadpole ACE Calculator may in these instances not fully meet your needs. For manufacturers and retailers as an example, there may be emissions in the supply chain that the Tadpole ACE Calculator does not measure.

Easy to use

The Tadpole ACE Calculator is simple to use. Just enter your data into a separate tab for each month. Instructions for using the calculator are provided in the tool itself.

Results are displayed in:

  • Tables and a bar chart of emissions by source each month
  • A graph of cumulative annual emissions

Updated regularly

Every year the carbon emission factors in the Tadpole ACE Calculator are updated to reflect the most recent emissions profile of business activities.

It is important to use the most up to date emissions factors when calculating your carbon footprint to ensure the most accurate measurement. We therefore recommend you opt in to receive ACE Calculator updates when downloading the calculator.

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